Weekend Scenes

my baby
my baby

Vintage Treasures.
Baby Showers.
All make for a lovely weekend indeed.
I attended a Mother/Daughter Tea at my mama’s church and it was so nice to hang just her and I. It is rare we get to do that these days and I was blessed by that time together.
When I arrived home I stopped at an estate sale happening on my street and scored lots of vintage goodies only to discover that Micah had gone earlier to the same sale while I was at the tea and had purchased a vintage Royal typewriter, in working condition with ink + extra vintage typing paper! I was happy dancing all over the place!
We ended our beautiful weekend in Simi Valley at my cousins baby shower and had a blast. Micah and I agreed that baby showers are just happy and bring out so much goodness in everyone there. It’s so fun to watch parents-to-be glow with giddiness with the anticipation of the arrival of their sweet bundle but also fun to see their faces as they open gift after gift and get overwhelmed with all that is needed to take care of a tiny little person. I remember that feeling and love to be reminded that only four years ago we were getting ready to embark on the same adventure of parenthood.
Hope you all had a fabulous Spring weekend!
Oh and just in case you missed it, a giveaway for a pair of Hunter Boots went live this Saturday HERE. Don’t miss out! Your choice color and style.


Also, my sweet friend Casey and I are hosting a Instagram giveaway for this hoop! May be the last time I make this one so make sure to check out how to enter by following both our feeds @caseyleighwiegand and @takethecannoli1
So now as we move out of the weekend and into holiday mode, are you all as excited for this Easter week as I am? Any Easter traditions you look forward to doing? We can’t wait to dye eggs, put together Easter baskets, prepare yummy food but most importantly celebrate the resurrection of Christ!


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