Weekend scenes and some thoughts

October 9, 2012 cannoli 0 Comments


I had intended on posting about our lovely weekend on Sunday but Elsie had taken a very late nap and woke up well into the evening so after dinner off her and I went to Disneyland for some much needed girl time. 
Then yesterday was a blur. All I know is the fact that I will be heading out to the Influence Conference in just 24 hours made everything else come second to me spending time with my babes. I’m starting to get that sick “I can’t leave them” feeling and so I even during their nap times when I usually knock out some orders or blog or catch up on emails all I could find that I wanted to do was lay next to Elsie and hold her. 
I knew that meant no blogging, answering emails, checking instagram or even stitching up the last bit of an order I needed done but that was okay. I’d rather stay up late to finish that order or answer emails than miss holding her for a few more minutes. Because tomorrow will be here before I know it and I won’t be able to kiss those sweet faces all the live long day.
So here is my last attempt to share some scenes from our weekend. 
There was parade watching, birthday party attending, quality shopping time with my Nat and of course lots of family time throughout!
So now I’m off to pack up my suitcase and check off all the necessary items on my list. I really just need to make sure I don’t forget my sour candy stash and I should be good to go!logo

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