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thoughts on my day + group giveaway winner!

thoughts on my day + group giveaway winner!

Today I was not a bad day or even necessarily a hard day it was just rough.
Vernon still has a fever from last Thursday. It is off and on but started at 102.4 this morning. 
After sitting in the pediatricians office for two plus hours yesterday to get a urine sample only to find out he does not have a UTI left me feeling a little frustrated. 
Probably just a viral infection they said and to let it run its course but if he still has this wretched fever without any other symptoms other than not eating and being extremely sensitive and fussy then I need to bring him back Thursday.
I’m not stressed at all, I know God has got this. 
But this mama is tired. 
I still haven’t caught up from my orders and emails from last week from when I was sick and I needed yesterday to plan my week and get things squared away.
Instead, that lovely time of the month sprang up on me and I was tending to Verns all day.
Not to mention Today was hot. Very hot. 
I didn’t get much done.
My house has not been cleaned since… well at least two Fridays ago and I know that because there is birthday decor from the Sole Hope Birthday Party two weekends ago still displayed.
The clothes I tried on for the concert on Saturday (like a pile of dresses…HUGE pile) are still  all over our bedroom.
Once I heard from Micah that he was going to head straight to bible study because he had to work a little later I made up my mind.
I was not making dinner.
It was too darn hot to cook but the babes and I were way too hungry to wait for a pizza to be delivered and so I scooped them out of the bath, smothered them with lotion, put them in their pj’s (yup, no shame in my game letting them rock their pajamas in public) and asked what Elsie wanted for dinner. 
She said pancakes.
Once she said that I instantly craved the Banana Pecan Pancakes from Denny’s and remembered Tuesdays are Kids Eat Free nights so double score for me.
So we went out to eat.
Because I can. Not because I deserved it or anything like that but just because I can. I realized after the way things have been going as of late that I need to not feel defeated or anything but just understand that this isn’t how things normally go.
I’m not normally this tired and the kids aren’t normally this fussy and my house isn’t this disastrous. There was just a lot going on last week and it’s okay to let someone else do the cooking. Even if that someone happens to be a cook at Denny’s.

I sat there sipping my coffee watching the kids stack the jelly’s and color on their menus and thought “man I’m tired”
I knew that once we finished eating that it would be almost bed time so all I would need to do is lay them down so then I could answer my very full inbox of unanswered emails, no wait I really wanted to blog about, oh wait I haven’t even started my bible study lesson and study is tomorrow.
and not a sigh because I need to do my bible study but I realized it was just one more thing I hadn’t finished this week.
Praise the Lord for his Grace and understanding with this mama who is wiped out. 
I was able to hold Vernon a little longer, read Elsie one more story and even completed my study and what do you know, still had time to come here to my little space to post and it’s not even midnight.
It’s like he stretched the hours for me tonight and now I feel a little bit more sane. 
I think I just needed to be in His word soaking up His truths letting them wash over my frustrations and inadequacies of not being on top of everything. 

So now I’m off to bed before midnight, the first time in over two weeks.

Oh and before I hit the sheets, the winner for the birthday group celebration was selected and miss Lauren Hochleutner you just won loads of goodies. Email me to claim your praise.

Farewell and goodnight all!

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