She and Him



Ten years ago today May 10th, 2003 at ten in the morning, in a sweet little antique building in Redlands, CA – I walked down the aisle, tears streaming down my face as I made my way to the alter. As I slowly made my way I looked right into the tear filled eyes of the man of my dreams + prayers. I new as we exchanged our vows that he would forever be my always.
We said our I dos and from that moment on have been on the greatest adventure of our lives.
I knew I was marrying my best friend, I knew he would always make me laugh and I knew what an incredible husband he would be just by how well he loved me.
What I didn’t know was how much more our love would blossom over the years. Through sickness and health, through good times and the even harder times. He still loves me so well and I love him more than that.
Ten years.
Man oh man.
It seems surreal that it has already been ten years but it has.

Thank you God for my Micah.
He is a rare one.
I know that.
Having my biggest blessing and my most favorite person ever be who I get to wake up to each morning is such a gift.

There are too many emotions flooding to the surface even as I type and so many more things I want to share about our ten years together but may have to do that on another post because I’m off to celebrate our ten years together…
I love you more than words Micah, now let’s go eat some anniversary cake!ten

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