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March 30, 2013 cannoli 0 Comments


Spring Cleaning.
Does that translate the same to you as it does to me?
For me I think: Organizing. Cleaning. Gutting. But mostly just ridding of any used clothes that fill up the space in our drawers when the only thing we actually wear are items that hang in our closets.
I realized that the culprit behind our drawers overflowing resulting in them never closing completely was unworn t-shirts. I would love to say that this was just Micah’s drawers filled with old band shirts he never wears but it’s not. Actually I think the shirts in my drawers makes me more of the perpetrator seeing how I NEVER wear shirts. Unless it’s to sleep in so why do I have so many?
Of course we’ve picked some up at concerts or was gifted some rad ones from friends but there are also ones like this revamped vintage Blondie T-shirt (pictured below) I have had for almost 10 years but have only worn once that I just could never part with.
This year as we are looking to downsize and wanting to live with less I knew most of these unused and unworn items needed to go. As I was making piles to garage sale I realized there were just a few that I loved too much to let go and that’s when I realized I could repurpose them into something I would actually use.
I thought…”I could turn these unworn shirts into wall art! And not just any wall art but Hoop Art!”
Not to mention I didn’t have to purchase anything additional to make these. #daveramseywouldbeproud
I grabbed some wood hoops and some acrylic paint I had on hand and went to town.
Easy Peasy. The best part is Micah loves them too! Total Win!
I realized after making the Gaslight Anthem one that I didn’t snap any photos of the process because I didn’t know I would be sharing this but after loving how it turned out made sure to snap some of the Blondie T-shirt process, with my iPhone no less and in awful lighting. #youarewelcome
So if you have some t-shirts you love but never wear or if your husband has some he loves but you want to throw out, here is a fun, quick and ridiculously inexpensive way to salvage them.


side note: I used the cheap hoops I had on hand from Michael’s or Joann’s Craft, not my high grade rounded edge ones I use for my shop. I knew I would either be painting them or would be hanging them in my own home so didn’t care about the quality


After you have your supplies slide in bottom part of hoop inside of the shirt and then place the top part of hoop on the outside. Make sure to center the artwork you want displayed in the hoop and then fasten tightly in place.

Once fastened cut off the remaining shirt leaving a 1/4″ edge to hot glue down. (you can also use the remaining fabric to fabric wrap the hoop if you like that look)
Because the color of this shirt was pretty muted I wanted to add a pop of something, so I grabbed some red satin floss and just stem stitched over the Blondie letters already there.
If you want to add any stitching or additional flare make sure you do so before hot gluing. Then once you have your added touches, hot glue that 1/4″ bit of fabric securely along back side of hoop. And then BAM you’re finished!
I did the same process with the Gaslight Anthem shirt (above) except I painted the hoop black first and then added some stitches around the heart and stitched the actual date of the time we saw them tour that particular album.

And there you have it. A really simple solution to a not so real problem.
Plus there really are so many fun ways you can get creative, display or have fun with your salvaged t-shirt hoop art. Take this Birthday Girl t-shirt below, I bought kind of as a joke for my Shannon five years ago. It was on clearance at Charlotte Russe for $2 (nevermind why I was in that store in the first place) and we ended up wearing it every year trading off for our birthdays until it turned kind of ill fitted and dingy. Still wanting to keep the tradition alive of having it around for our birthday month I painted a hoop pink and slapped that bad boy in there! Now I can use it at any girl birthday celebration including my own. #noshame


Hope you’re inspired to repurpose some of the things you are Spring Cleaning out of your house! Also, I would love to know of other ways you have repurposed unused articles of clothing, or anything for that matter. There are lots of things we are planning to rid in this house but if there are creative ways to repurpose the unused I’m all ears. Leave me links in comments to check out some ideas.

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