New Family Heirloom

wooden house
wooden house
woodden house
wooden house

So of course Micah couldn’t just travel to Switzerland to snowboard on the Swiss Alps without doing a little shopping in between. All the treasures he brought home for us was beyond thoughtful and of course surpassed the spoil meter’s maximum limit. This wasn’t your normal last minute airport souvenirs either. I’m talking lovingly thought out gifts he got each of us. Besides the gazillion pounds of random swiss chocolate he brought us, the hand selected truffles not to mention the delectable Swiss macaroons, he also bought special handcrafted gifts for Vernon and Elsie that he will give to them when they are older at different milestones in their lives.
There were fun souvenirs thrown in for all of us as well like Elsie’s new favorite Minnie Mouse that she is referring to as “Swiss Min” It is the cutest Minnie I’ve ever seen!
Though all the gifts were awesome the most amazing gift of all is this one of a kind handcrafted Cuckoo Clock he thoughtfully picked out for us as a family to have in our home. This will be cherished until we grow old and pass away in hopes that it will be passed onto our children and our children’s children. I almost died when I saw it! Like my mouth hit the floor and stayed there until Elsie squealed that it was like the “It’s a Small World Cuckoo clock at Disneyland” and I couldn’t stop laughing. Even she could see that this was a special treasure to be had.
No wonder we missed this man so much, he is such a treasure himself and we are so thankful for the love he has for our family. Though these gifts are fun we are more blessed by Micah and who he is and what he means to our family. God is so crazy good for giving us this man to call our own.

But now where to hang this cuckoo clock is the question?

Happy Friday All, hope you all have a blessed weekend! We will be getting in as much family time before Micah leaves for another long week, but this time for work. *sigh* I miss him already.

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