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baby pillow
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It’s a joyous moment when a bundle of joy enters your life. You try to make its life as comfortable as possible since the infant is more adapted to sleeping in the initial months, you will have to pick a baby pillow that aligns the baby’s head well. There are now so many baby pillows with the best features that are available in baby stores or online that you can order for your baby. They are made out of durable and soft materials so that your baby doesn’t hurt its head. They are washable too so that when they are soiled, you will not have to worry about replacement. Buying a pillow meant for babies is essential as a normal pillow or turbaned cloth rings don’t make up for adequate protection for the baby’s head positioning which is very vital.

There is another factor that makes baby pillows inadvertently necessary; you would have to look into preventing a flat head for the child. The structure of the pillow is very important, as the pillow should not restrict movement yet hold the head in place while sleeping. Getting the right baby pillow is crucial as you wouldn’t want to misshapen the kid’s head. The materials used are soft yet supple enough to give the right amount to comfort to the baby, along with the support and alignment it requires. The cotton used is organic so that the baby’s skin doesn’t have a hint of discomfort at the slightest touch of the pillow. As babies have highly sensitive skin and any chemical treatment to the cotton will be a big issue for the delicate skin of the baby. Now buy the best baby pillow for baby with flat head.

baby pillow

Features of the pillow

This pillow is compact and light, which allows the caregiver to carry it anywhere and use it when you want to put the baby to sleep. It can be used in baby beds, cradles, prams, baby bassinets, etc. the head positioning is vital so you would be advised to take along the baby pillow for the baby to sleep in the right head position and avoid having a flat head. The baby will enjoy having one of the fantastic ranges of baby pillows. It will help them sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed. There is unobstructed breathing can be assured with the use of a good high-quality baby pillow. You can now get the baby pillow shipped to your place. They come with a warranty and good support. You could get customer assistance and know the best ways to position your baby to sleep.

The user can look up the  at the model of the pillow online with the colour, weight, dimensions as well as other product details which may be product code etc. it is specially design and shaped in a certain way to facilitate ergonomic alignment so that flatheads can be prevented and pressure on that area is not placed to create a flat spot. This is because the heads are quite soft, and there is a special cut out to allow the ventilation of air to happens, and this prevents the baby’s head from heating up. It will allow the baby to have a peaceful sleep. Having a pillow like this would ensure you can get the baby to sleep more and make parenting easy. Find out the best baby pillow for baby with a flat head.

Why it’s needed?

It has to be noted that the pillow does not require a pillowcase, or it comes with one; it has to be used as it is. The cover is sewed on, and it can’t come off, even when the baby wiggles around. The pillow can be given a machine wash with other baby clothes and can be air-dried. It will retain its shape after wash, remaining smooth and soft as ever. The softness of the skull makes the shape on that side of the head flat when they tend to sleep on that particular side as pressure is exerted on it. But these special baby pillows have been designed to provide the right positioning of the head, and there isn’t consistent pressure on the head to cause a flat head.

The pillows have been passed through allergy tests and found quite safe for infant use. The filling inside the pillow is also hypoallergenic. It is made sure that no chemicals especially dyes and bleaches, haven’t been used in the making of the pillow to ensure that it’s 100% safe to use the pillow for the baby. There are various designs you could pick from, which make them a great choice to buy, keeping by the theme of décor you have for the baby’s room. The pillow comes with double sides so that it can e used on either side. You could also get if, for your toddler, the choice ranges from infants to the time they want to sleep on such pillows.

The best choice of buying such pillows as they come with warranty and if you aren’t satisfied, you can return them and get back a refund of the price of the pillow you spent on getting it. These pillows are baby safe along with international certifications give them the authenticity of usage for the young ones. The concave centre provides the right amount of support that is required for the infant to place its head right while sleeping. You will find that since the babies bob their heads a lot, you will have to give it support, and this what the pillow provides. It also provides ample circulation; this is mastered with the usage of 3D air mesh at the back, which is constructed to help the baby remain cool. The portability is great as you will find a lot of usages when traveling with the baby. The use of non-toxic material is what most parents’ lookout for, hence it’s a great buy. The buyer can go online to check out the baby pillow buying guide and find out which would be the apt pillow for your baby.

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ice cream
We’ve been busy settling into our new home. Unpacking, decorating, cleaning, sleeping–repeat.
Taking breaks here and there and finding any excuse to get out of the house to see the light of day and to hit up Yogurtland Every.Single.Day. Literally I can not get enough of that tart flavor with coconut and carob (faux-chocolate) chips!
Anyway, I have recently found the charger to my camera (hallelujah) while unpacking and have been making sure to snap pictures each day. 
I came out of the garage from doing laundry and found this little guy just hanging out on the couch. Perched up perfectly like so and I still have no idea who left it there but love finding little treasures like this and want to remember to capture them when I see them. Right now it’s toys and trinkets but the things they leave around will eventually change and want to look back and see what I will soon forget.


Just a few shots of how our new pad is coming along…It kinda feels like home already.
mom and baby
mom and baby
Summer days//nights have been filled with the beach, county fairs, the pool, baking with the air conditioning blasting and getting out of the house to anywhere cooler… Seriously so hot. I only moved inland a few miles but daaaaang it makes a difference of temp in the house.
what we’re really like
and what we’re like for instagram (did I just admit that)
anyway, me and Molly Poo at Oh Hello Friend’s shop in downtown Fullerton
always a good time
mom and baby
 vintage dress love
Scored Elsie’s at the Paris Flea Market for FIVE DOLLA make ya holla
{also please take note of Elsie’s “tattoos” she’s been drawing on her arms that keep smearing and fading into what look like bruises…I’m getting stares from people}
my children
and though our Disneyland passes have only been un-blocked for like a week we have managed to go to Disneyland THREE times
obsessed much?
don’t get me started with Elsie
She be cray-zay lately.
Like way too much energy while Vernon is napping
Take her on Vernon’s trike for example
here she just said,
“watch me peddle backward mama”
 and then slammed into the wall and wouldn’t stop laughing then did it over and over again
Then another day {yes these are all different days she just likes wearing this swim suit while we lounge apparently. I think it’s her version of stretchy pants}
Back to this picture.
We were playing hide-and-seek annnnddd… well you can see from the picture, I found her in the pantry and snacking on popcorn no less.
She is sooo my daughter
rise and shine
 If you know me, you know stitching is therapeutic for me so I have been picking up the needle a bit since we moved to work on a few new pieces. It’s nice to get my thoughts together after the babes are in bed. It has been good for my soul I tell ya. Though we are adjusting I still feel unsettled for some reason, but this has helped. Lots.
play together
 don’t even ask…
 A plus side to moving. I needed help and so help = my mama. I love when I get to see her more than usual. I love her. She is also good for my soul.
I could squish this for dayyyys
palymovie theater
 Vernon and Elsie were way more stoked about the snacks I brought then the actual movie, but hey it was summer morning matinee which means cheap seats so I wasn’t complaining
 different day//same suit
and same quirky antics
my baby
this picture kills me and I need to give back story…
We had just come from the beach, where we met up with new friends. Both babes were, well lets say it was one of the worst beach experiences for me.
Elsie didn’t want to share, nor did Vernon. I think each had 1,456,987 meltdowns over ridiculous things and I even “tried” to sit them on their towels for time outs, at the beach. Are you kidding me? I felt like a failure mom and was talking about how unacceptable their behaviors were the whole drive home while receiving whispers of “yes mama” and insincere “I’m sorry” from each of them.
I pulled up in the driveway and turned around to make sure they both understood how serious I was and then I saw this.
Elsie + Vernon holding hands with empty stares. The whole scene was all together precious and I’m not gonna lie, a lil’ creepy.
Like they were secretly plotting against me during the drive and holding hands was like their way of saying “we’re in this together”
Oh and we also officially registered Elsie for preschool. I think my heart broke into a million pieces after I submitted the forms in which I had to muster up every ounce of strength to walk out of the school office without bursting into tears. I didn’t want them to reject Elsie on the account of her mama being completely insane.
So basically I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep and crying my eyes out for days. I know it’s ridiculous and needs its own post but seriously did not expect so much emotion to pour out over her being away from me for four hours a day a few days a week. I can’t even type about it with out hot tears welling up. so enough of that.for now.
Greg Laurie Anaheim Harvest 2013
I hope everyone’s end of summer days have been fantastic. We are headed to the Harvest Crusade all weekend and if you’re not here in Southern California to make the event you can watch it via web. I promise it won’t disappoint!
Happy Friday!

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My thoughts have kind of been all over the place…for some time now. Still settling into the house and letting the realization of Elsie starting preschool in less than a week really sink in. I want to find the words to convey how I’m feeling but am at a loss. I want to share what God’s been teaching, revealing and showing me glimpses of but haven’t found the time or space in my brain to let it all flow out.
Nonetheless, I want to remember the bits and pieces that made this week memorable, because it was a good one indeed.
babyFirst ears. He was so excited. He picked them out and immediately after we had them embroidered he discovered the Peter Pan cap and wanted that instead. Figures.
baby“Away we goooo, off to Neverland” and “I  P’er Pan Mama” was what he yelled every single time he jumped off the couch.
familyThis girl. My Tricia. My sister from another mister (and another mother) Just told me she was pregnant with her first not too long before we snapped this picture. I needed to re-apply all of the makeup I sobbed off from tears of joy. I was a loud hot mess in a very public Panera Bread when she told me. So happy. So very very happy! I’ve been waiting forever for this moment!
Harvest Crusade 2013 rocked. We all went the first night, Micah served while I hung out with the littles. Then last minute on Saturday my family watched the babes so I could go and serve with Micah that evening. It was such a blessing to be part of such a huge crusade and witnessing people go forward to give their hearts to Jesus. Definitely made top ten best date nights ever!
babyTeacher meet and greet at Elsie’s preschool was this week.
Met the teacher, found her cubby, her seat and basically saw where my heart will be this next year.
If not for the other “new” mom that started up a conversation with me I would’ve been a mess of emotion. I could barely look at Micah as I took in this new world that will not only be part of Elsie’s life but my own. Other then holding back the tears and the vomit from all my anxious feelings, it went exceptionally well.
Also, I think Vernon thought it was his class and made himself right at home playing and chatting and even hugging the teacher good bye.
 Love his morning ragamuffin hair and smiley face. I could eat him up.

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Tonight I jumped on the computer to download pictures off my phone because it is full and I needed to free up some space.
As I look through the past few months of photos I can’t explain what I’m feeling but feel like I need to quiet my brain.
It is almost midnight and I had no intention of writing but everyday since I don’t know, say three months ago I have been telling myself I will write a blog post… or write in my regular journal but I haven’t done much of either.
I’m really good at processing things better when I write them out. So needless to say, I haven’t been doing well at processing my day to day and have started to feel overwhelmed with emotion as of late.


Even now. Right now in this moment, when no one is needing my attention, as I listen to the white noise of the babes sound machine accompanied by the deep breathing of Micah sound asleep I can’t shake this anxious feeling. But of what exactly, I couldn’t tell you.

There is so much I need to be doing but then I can’t think of what to start with but then none of the things I thought I needed to do seem important…does that make sense? There are things I need to check off my list but then I don’t really have a list just a running tab of things I want to accomplish. Then there’s so many ding dang emails I need to respond to and yet I just sit here scrolling through photos instead. Trying to take a moment to let it all settle in to my soul I guess.You see, since returning from our European Anniversary trip (which I still need to post about…sigh) I feel like I’ve been running with my thoughts instead of sitting with them. There hasn’t been a moment to take it all in and so the good, the bad, the heavy, the light hearted, the messy and the mundane have all been mixed together and piled up day after day leaving a wasteland of emotion for me to sort through.

And of course I haven’t the time to sort through it all which basically is a perfect catch twenty-two situation I have on my hands.

I know what you’re thinking; “prioritize your time better”, “take things off your plate”, “get a stinkin’ family calendar already so you are all on the same page…”
Really, it isn’t about having too much on my plate. It’s more about having too much on my mind and carrying stuff in my heart.

I have been trying to be very intentional with my time and filling my days with very little since Elsie started pre-school. We haven’t really adjusted to the school schedule because Elsie hasn’t really adjusted to pre-school in general. So my time with her afterward plus my time with Vernon while she is at school has kind of become my selfish time with each of them.
I will say, Elsie hating pre-school hasn’t helped my emotional state and so it only adds to what I already have piling up and so here we are back to me feeling anxious, tired and ready to sift through all I have swirling around in my head ultimately because I need to make more room for Jesus in my heart.


I understand that even if I don’t get the chance to process all that has been going on for months I know it is necessary to just dump the things I can’t change or go back and fix. Not a sweeping it under the rug type of thing either (ain’t no body got time for dat) I mean literally just dump some of these piles I have collected in order to fill that space with His truths instead.
So much harder to actually apply that to my life. I know what I need to do, yet I still feel heavy hearted and that’s because I know it’s not an overnight fix but something I need to continually work on. Like errday.
I need to be filled with the spirit.
Praying the scriptures, reading the word, hanging with people who point me back to Jesus and encourage me, not leaving empty space in my heart or mind to be filled with anything other than His truths.
Even as I’m typing I’m nodding my head “yes” like this is new news, but really I just haven’t been disciplined to make sure I’m CONSTANTLY doing these things and was using a million excuses of why I didn’t have time when really I just wasn’t making time.


I need to say it just for the sake of saying it but I really am okay. I’m good but just in a weird place right now with all my thoughts and words tangled together in a way that I can’t quite share what God is and has been teaching me. He is working things out in me which is always a good thing and I know that.


For now I wanted to post these pictures from this past week while we were visiting Micah’s parents in Ruidoso, NM for the Aspen Festival. It was so beautiful and felt so much like Fall my heart almost bursted everyday we stepped outside! Such an amazing time soaking up all the family who came to visit and just unwinding from our normal day to day.
So I know this post was totally random and you basically just listened to me give myself a bible spanking but let’s just go with it mmmkay.


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baby girl

Elsie is my sweet and simple girl.
She is shy and sensitive and doesn’t like a lot of fuss. Which is part of the reason we  haven’t done birthday parties for her in the past.
She likes what she likes and is probably why she wears the same tutu or princess dress every. single. day. And sticks to the same food groups of apples, peanut butter, fruit snacks or chick-fil-A. (plus a few other staples)
In this past year she has blossomed some more and has ventured out of her comfort zone (a little) and knew we just wanted something very simple and sweet to celebrate her birthday.
So we had planned on Micah taking off work on her special day so we could take her to Disneyland, just her. My mama would stay with Vernon so we could take on Disneyland Big Girl Status and ride the faster rides and stand in line to meet the princesses.
Then last minute (like literally, last minute) once I realized my mom was on spring break I asked Elsie if she wanted to have a small party with some friends. She immediately said no. She just wanted cake with us and my family.
We haven’t really had a party for her except for her first so I just thought maybe we should ask just in case, but her response didn’t surprise me.
I figured as much.
A day had gone by and I heard her talking to Vernon about her tutu tea party she was going to have and who all was invited.
Puzzled by this conversation she was having I asked her again…”do you want a small party sweetie”
She jumped up and down and screamed “YES”
So that was that and we threw something together!
And she loved it!
The past couple days have been so fun celebrating our sweet girl. I was so blessed by my brother and Katie jumping in last minute to decorate and + help out with the party! And for my mama and all that she always does, even when I’m crazy and plan an event with only three days notice!
For all our friends and family who came and celebrated and for all who called, emailed, instagrammed and sent packages. You all have made our Pearl feel more special than I think she has ever felt.
Tonight before bed she said, “Mama, is was so special huh? I love everyone”
I knew she meant her birthday and I knew exactly what she felt.

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Have I mentioned that I live in a 1950’s Ranch style house in its original form.  It’s completely wonderful with it’s scuffed wood floor and wood wall paneling. Scalloped bookshelves and cute hinges on all the cabinetry. I could go on about all its fun little details, however, with its undeniable uniqueness also comes some disadvantages. Take for instance the one person standing shower in our master bathroom, the tiny closet space or how about all of our outlets only being two prong so we have to use a three prong extension cord for most outlets just to plug in something.  I think on the top of the inconvenience list though is not having a dishwasher.
You see I actually don’t mind doing the dishes. The window above my sink looks out into my sunroom so I can tidy up the kitchen and watch the babes play at the same time.  The process of actually washing each dish doesn’t bother me either (cups and glasses are a different story) What gets to me is working my way through the surmountable pile of dishes only to find disgusting soggy bread at the bottom of it all
Like, really?
So gross.
The problem isn’t that there were too many dishes and a busy schedule preventing me from cleaning said dishes, it was in the midst of all the pile up neglecting to take two seconds to dispose of the remaining food on the plates before they were placed in the sink.
This happened this morning,  
As I was trying to clean up and scrub all the dishes I reached down to pick up the silverware only to find a soggy bread mess.
It was in that instant that I felt God speak to me.
Yes, through scraps of undesirable toast, I heard God clearly.
You see I have talked before about how I’m sensitive and emotional. I understand that not everyone is like me and that some feel more deeply while others can get overwhelmed more easily and then even some who don’t seem to be bothered by anything. I don’t know why we are all so different with our emotions but do know that each of us was uniquely designed by the master creator Himself, which makes us all beautiful, in our own way.
Because I’m fully aware of how easily I can get bogged down with things I know how important it is to take the precautionary measures of filling my heart and mind with God’s truths.  When things come up I’m better prepared to handle them with ease and don’t feel like I’m just piling stuff on one thing after another because my priorities are set on Christ and not myself.
It’s one of those deals where I know taking the time to clear the counter after each meal or removing the leftover food from the plates before tossing them in the sink would help make my initial cleaning time smoother and quicker.
Like my life’s plate. I know coming to God each day thanking Him for His new mercies each morning and seeking His will for the rest my day is like scraping that leftover toast into the trash. It’s casting my fears and concerns to Him instead of letting it sit on my plate so long that it eventually gets piled upon until it becomes unpleasant.
I know scraping the leftovers doesn’t mean it’s a hundred percent clean. Yes, there may be some crumbs or syrup left on the plate but that’s okay because I’m not perfect and sometimes I’m in a sticky situation and God understands, He gets my heart. Besides it’s the removal of the waste, like having an empty plate for God to fill is what’s important. Leaving room for Him to fill your space instead of YOU piling your own agenda and needs isn’t what it should be about.
It is much better for me personally to start my day off with Him rather than me coming to Him mid-day when I’m worn out or even worse three days later when I haven’t made the time to sit with Him and do my devotions.
It’s those times when I feel alone, overwhelmed or frustrated and I can’t pin why. In those moments I know that I have not casted it all onto God. That I have left the toast on the plate to get soggy so to speak.
“This could’ve been avoided sweet child, a simple scrape of the fork and into the garbage where it belonged and you wouldn’t have to be staring or worse touching this mess”
I felt Him speak that to me this morning as I stared down at the mess in the sink.
Why do I let my heart get so heavy and start to fear the unknown future. Why must I fill my time with unnecessary things when I can make my life a smoother process when I prioritize it with Him.
Really it’s as simple as giving it over to God + taking that time to spend with Him versus filling that time with a million other things.
In comparison to the dishes. I can walk over to the trash and throw that toast away or lazily toss the plate into the sink to become a heavy dampened slice of grossness.
I don’t want to let myself be weighed down and spiritless like that soggy bread. I want to be filled up and strengthened by God.
God can and will lighten our loads. We just need to ask.
So here I am, comparing myself to soggy bread and after staring at that said sog-fest for a few minutes I took off the dish gloves and grabbed my bible and Jesus Calling devotional. I was so blessed by what I read and wanted to share.
“You have given him blessings that will last forever. You have made him glad and joyful because you are with him.” – Psalm 21:6
“God you are the One who saves us. We will trust in you. Then we won’t be afraid. Lord you give us strength. We sing about you. Lord you have saved us” – Isaiah 12:2
You see, these scriptures were like a cozy blanket for my soul all warm and fuzzy. The complete opposite of that soggy mess I left back in the sink.
Thankfully we aren’t a complete waste like that toast. We are part of God’s workmanship that he is perfecting with each passing day. We can be made new in Christ and have a God who restores us daily with His outpour of grace and mercy.
He is with us every step of the way just waiting to remove the garbage from our plates. He saved us and will give us strength to fight the good fight.
We just need to take that time to be in His presence and ask for His help. And really when put into perspective, it’s silly that we don’t do it more often.
It’s even more ridiculous than not scraping toast into the trash.
Happy Friday Friends. Go bless and be blessed this weekend!signature

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This past week Micah was away in Switzerland. An amazing opportunity came up for him to take his hard working self away for a bit and go snowboarding in the Swiss Alps with some of his childhood friends. He wasn’t gong to go until I forced him. I knew if I didn’t make him, he wouldn’t. He works so hard for our little family and is about to start working even harder as he begins his masters program next week so I wanted him to be able to get a trip he truly deserved. So while he was taking in the beauty that Switzerland had to offer we were missing him like crazy here in California.
I didn’t expect it to be that hard but I think coming right off the holidays where we had lots of family time together it just made it almost unbearable. 
We really didn’t do much of anything while he was away besides go to Disneyland once. Oh and the babes got super sick. Oh and we cried and missed Daddy. Yeah that sums up our week. 
The one day I felt normal and happy was when we decided to get off our depressing sick bottoms and make lots of special things for Daddy’s return home. We wanted him to know he was missed and how much we loved him. He is such a gift to God to our family and couldn’t be more blessed by this man. So we got to work and when I say we I really mean the babes as the colored, painted and even helped me bake and decorate the celebration cake. 
They love their daddy so much and couldn’t help but be overjoyed watching them run to greet him at the airport last night. We are so happy to have him home again with us but are sad knowing he has to leave again for a work trip in just a few days…
So we are just going to cuddle as a family and eat celebration cake until we say goodbye again.

baby boybaby girl
baby girl
playbaby girl
baby boy
may babydraw
baby boy
baby girl
baby boy
make cake
baby girl
baby girl

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Today I was not a bad day or even necessarily a hard day it was just rough.
Vernon still has a fever from last Thursday. It is off and on but started at 102.4 this morning. 
After sitting in the pediatricians office for two plus hours yesterday to get a urine sample only to find out he does not have a UTI left me feeling a little frustrated. 
Probably just a viral infection they said and to let it run its course but if he still has this wretched fever without any other symptoms other than not eating and being extremely sensitive and fussy then I need to bring him back Thursday.
I’m not stressed at all, I know God has got this. 
But this mama is tired. 
I still haven’t caught up from my orders and emails from last week from when I was sick and I needed yesterday to plan my week and get things squared away.
Instead, that lovely time of the month sprang up on me and I was tending to Verns all day.
Not to mention Today was hot. Very hot. 
I didn’t get much done.
My house has not been cleaned since… well at least two Fridays ago and I know that because there is birthday decor from the Sole Hope Birthday Party two weekends ago still displayed.
The clothes I tried on for the concert on Saturday (like a pile of dresses…HUGE pile) are still  all over our bedroom.
Once I heard from Micah that he was going to head straight to bible study because he had to work a little later I made up my mind.
I was not making dinner.
It was too darn hot to cook but the babes and I were way too hungry to wait for a pizza to be delivered and so I scooped them out of the bath, smothered them with lotion, put them in their pj’s (yup, no shame in my game letting them rock their pajamas in public) and asked what Elsie wanted for dinner. 
She said pancakes.
Once she said that I instantly craved the Banana Pecan Pancakes from Denny’s and remembered Tuesdays are Kids Eat Free nights so double score for me.
So we went out to eat.
Because I can. Not because I deserved it or anything like that but just because I can. I realized after the way things have been going as of late that I need to not feel defeated or anything but just understand that this isn’t how things normally go.
I’m not normally this tired and the kids aren’t normally this fussy and my house isn’t this disastrous. There was just a lot going on last week and it’s okay to let someone else do the cooking. Even if that someone happens to be a cook at Denny’s.

I sat there sipping my coffee watching the kids stack the jelly’s and color on their menus and thought “man I’m tired”
I knew that once we finished eating that it would be almost bed time so all I would need to do is lay them down so then I could answer my very full inbox of unanswered emails, no wait I really wanted to blog about, oh wait I haven’t even started my bible study lesson and study is tomorrow.
and not a sigh because I need to do my bible study but I realized it was just one more thing I hadn’t finished this week.
Praise the Lord for his Grace and understanding with this mama who is wiped out. 
I was able to hold Vernon a little longer, read Elsie one more story and even completed my study and what do you know, still had time to come here to my little space to post and it’s not even midnight.
It’s like he stretched the hours for me tonight and now I feel a little bit more sane. 
I think I just needed to be in His word soaking up His truths letting them wash over my frustrations and inadequacies of not being on top of everything. 
So now I’m off to bed before midnight, the first time in over two weeks.
Oh and before I hit the sheets, the winner for the birthday group celebration was selected and miss Lauren Hochleutner you just won loads of goodies. Email me to claim your praise.
Farewell and goodnight all!logo

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This week my Stitch Fix package couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. One reason being we haven’t been able to get out to shop since we’ve all been sick and there were a few last minute things I still needed before I fly out to the Influence Conference next week, so I was starting to feel a little anxious. Reason two: it was exactly what the doctor ordered for this mama, some much needed time to try on clothes and be girly while the babes napped. I didn’t want to stitch, clean, shower or even read. I just wanted to shop in the comfort of my own home, so thank you Stitch Fix for making that happen.

If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is by now you can see my previous posts about it HERE and HERE.
But basically Stitch Fix is a fun and easy way to keep your wardrobe up-to-date. They get your style and size preferences, then send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home, in your closet, with your favorite jeans and heels.
Free Personal Shopper + Stylist in the comfort of your own home!
In other words IT’S AWESOME! And if you haven’t already you need to get on their wait list for your first fix HERE.


Okay, so like I said earlier when this box arrived I couldn’t have been happier, that is until I opened the box and saw all the goodness inside. I literally squealed and had decided on the spot that I was most likely keeping it all, as long as it all fit of course!
I had requested darker hues and fall colors for this fix and they basically nailed it! So  lets just get started and see what you guys think of this fix. (oh and please keep in mind these are fresh outta the box, no ironing was done so excuse the crunchy wrinkles in some of the garments, also my grapes from the vines pictured behind me in each photo are all over the cement and I didn’t take the time to clean the photo “backdrop”…roll with it)


First up was this Arrow Shirt. I loved it and even paired it with a pencil skirt and a hundred different shoes. Very versatile + super chic = KEEPER!dress

Okay so this Annette Silk top is beautiful. I love the black collar and the fabric covered buttons, the pleats running in different directions on the bust area and on the end of the sleeves! Short in front but longer in the rear. It is perfect and I love it. Definite keeper!dress

Now onto the dresses: First of the dresses was this Belted Cowl-neck Dress. I liked it on the hanger but when I tried it on and discovered it had pockets I was instantly sold! It has a modern-vintage feel which is right up my alley. KEEPER!dress

So you know how I mentioned I was getting stressed about last minute things for the Influence Conference next week? Yeah well one of those things was finding a striped dress for the Stripes Party they are having. Now I’m not against stripes or anything it’s just that I’m not a big stripes wearer unless it’s a patterned stripe or vintage. So since I hadn’t found anything that I actually liked and was running out of time to shop, you better believe I did a happy dance when I pulled out this little number made by Charlie Jade! Oh and it has pockets. Pockets people!!! Yes I have a thing with my dresses having pockets. I love when they do. I could go on and on about this dress but you get the point, this dress is a keeper! LOVE LOVE LOVE! dress

Now all was going so well until I got to this Jersey Wrap Dress. So two things about me. I really don’t do Jersey and I hardly ever do wrap dresses. Like ever. So though I loved the color I was nervous about this piece. I wasn’t surprised when it was just as I expected when I tried it on. Totally Bleh! I hate the length and there of course is no pockets not to mention jersey just shows everything. I have a slip and a tank dress underneath this and you can still see lines of everything. 
So here’s the deal. One of the great things with Stitch Fix is they offer you a 25% discount off your entire order if you keep all five pieces.
I loved the other four pieces but would pay so much more if I only bought those four. I calculated it up and realized if I bought all five pieces I would actually be getting this and another piece for free. So because of the credit I still had available and the amount I was saving with the discount I pulled the trigger and bought all five!
Now here’s where it gets interesting. I’m never going to wear this dress. It’s super comfy and cute but just not me. So I thought of my friends who might wear it and couldn’t come up with anyone that has the same size and so I’m offering it to one of you. 
That’s right one lucky reader get’s this dress just for reading about my fix!
So here are the deets: 
size – XS
designer/brand – Hourglass Lilly (Calafia Jersey Wrap Dress)
color: plum
How to score this dress? Well first you must be a follower of my blog. Now all you have to do is leave me a comment of which outfit you liked the best + your email and I will select a winner over the weekend at random.
That’s right it’s that easy.
And if you’re not a fan of the dress but want to get on the wait list to schedule your first Fix just click below!

Thanks for joining me on another fix!

October 9, 2012 cannoli 0 Comments


I had intended on posting about our lovely weekend on Sunday but Elsie had taken a very late nap and woke up well into the evening so after dinner off her and I went to Disneyland for some much needed girl time. 
Then yesterday was a blur. All I know is the fact that I will be heading out to the Influence Conference in just 24 hours made everything else come second to me spending time with my babes. I’m starting to get that sick “I can’t leave them” feeling and so I even during their nap times when I usually knock out some orders or blog or catch up on emails all I could find that I wanted to do was lay next to Elsie and hold her. 
I knew that meant no blogging, answering emails, checking instagram or even stitching up the last bit of an order I needed done but that was okay. I’d rather stay up late to finish that order or answer emails than miss holding her for a few more minutes. Because tomorrow will be here before I know it and I won’t be able to kiss those sweet faces all the live long day.
So here is my last attempt to share some scenes from our weekend. 
There was parade watching, birthday party attending, quality shopping time with my Nat and of course lots of family time throughout!
So now I’m off to pack up my suitcase and check off all the necessary items on my list. I really just need to make sure I don’t forget my sour candy stash and I should be good to go!logo