life lately

life lately
We’ve been busy settling into our new home. Unpacking, decorating, cleaning, sleeping–repeat.
Taking breaks here and there and finding any excuse to get out of the house to see the light of day and to hit up Yogurtland Every.Single.Day. Literally I can not get enough of that tart flavor with coconut and carob (faux-chocolate) chips!
Anyway, I have recently found the charger to my camera (hallelujah) while unpacking and have been making sure to snap pictures each day. 
I came out of the garage from doing laundry and found this little guy just hanging out on the couch. Perched up perfectly like so and I still have no idea who left it there but love finding little treasures like this and want to remember to capture them when I see them. Right now it’s toys and trinkets but the things they leave around will eventually change and want to look back and see what I will soon forget.


Just a few shots of how our new pad is coming along…It kinda feels like home already.
mom and baby
mom and baby
Summer days//nights have been filled with the beach, county fairs, the pool, baking with the air conditioning blasting and getting out of the house to anywhere cooler… Seriously so hot. I only moved inland a few miles but daaaaang it makes a difference of temp in the house.
what we’re really like
and what we’re like for instagram (did I just admit that)
anyway, me and Molly Poo at Oh Hello Friend’s shop in downtown Fullerton
always a good time
mom and baby
 vintage dress love
Scored Elsie’s at the Paris Flea Market for FIVE DOLLA make ya holla
{also please take note of Elsie’s “tattoos” she’s been drawing on her arms that keep smearing and fading into what look like bruises…I’m getting stares from people}
my children
and though our Disneyland passes have only been un-blocked for like a week we have managed to go to Disneyland THREE times
obsessed much?
don’t get me started with Elsie
She be cray-zay lately.
Like way too much energy while Vernon is napping
Take her on Vernon’s trike for example
here she just said,
“watch me peddle backward mama”
 and then slammed into the wall and wouldn’t stop laughing then did it over and over again
Then another day {yes these are all different days she just likes wearing this swim suit while we lounge apparently. I think it’s her version of stretchy pants}
Back to this picture.
We were playing hide-and-seek annnnddd… well you can see from the picture, I found her in the pantry and snacking on popcorn no less.
She is sooo my daughter
rise and shine
 If you know me, you know stitching is therapeutic for me so I have been picking up the needle a bit since we moved to work on a few new pieces. It’s nice to get my thoughts together after the babes are in bed. It has been good for my soul I tell ya. Though we are adjusting I still feel unsettled for some reason, but this has helped. Lots.
play together
 don’t even ask…
 A plus side to moving. I needed help and so help = my mama. I love when I get to see her more than usual. I love her. She is also good for my soul.
I could squish this for dayyyys
palymovie theater
 Vernon and Elsie were way more stoked about the snacks I brought then the actual movie, but hey it was summer morning matinee which means cheap seats so I wasn’t complaining
 different day//same suit
and same quirky antics
my baby
this picture kills me and I need to give back story…
We had just come from the beach, where we met up with new friends. Both babes were, well lets say it was one of the worst beach experiences for me.
Elsie didn’t want to share, nor did Vernon. I think each had 1,456,987 meltdowns over ridiculous things and I even “tried” to sit them on their towels for time outs, at the beach. Are you kidding me? I felt like a failure mom and was talking about how unacceptable their behaviors were the whole drive home while receiving whispers of “yes mama” and insincere “I’m sorry” from each of them.
I pulled up in the driveway and turned around to make sure they both understood how serious I was and then I saw this.
Elsie + Vernon holding hands with empty stares. The whole scene was all together precious and I’m not gonna lie, a lil’ creepy.
Like they were secretly plotting against me during the drive and holding hands was like their way of saying “we’re in this together”
Oh and we also officially registered Elsie for preschool. I think my heart broke into a million pieces after I submitted the forms in which I had to muster up every ounce of strength to walk out of the school office without bursting into tears. I didn’t want them to reject Elsie on the account of her mama being completely insane.
So basically I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep and crying my eyes out for days. I know it’s ridiculous and needs its own post but seriously did not expect so much emotion to pour out over her being away from me for four hours a day a few days a week. I can’t even type about it with out hot tears welling up. so enough of that.for now.
Greg Laurie Anaheim Harvest 2013
I hope everyone’s end of summer days have been fantastic. We are headed to the Harvest Crusade all weekend and if you’re not here in Southern California to make the event you can watch it via web. I promise it won’t disappoint!
Happy Friday!

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