Introducing Vessel Handmade

Hey friends! If any of you follow me on instagram you might’ve saw this lil’ number. My new leather clutch made by my dear friend Kristen. I have become completely obsessed with this thing. I swap purses all the time, so this has become my go to “important items” clutch. I keep my wallet, lipgloss and iphone in it so no matter what purse I’m toting around as long as I have my clutch I know I’ve got the goods. Plus, now when running in a store for a quick errand and don’t want to add to the things I’m carrying (including Vernon) this is the perfect clutch for those trips. Not only is it ridiculously cute, it is super sturdy and made with the softest Italian leather. I have already put my order in for a few different styles and in varying sizes and you need to do the same because Miss Kristen is offering you all a killer discount! But before I let you in on that goodness let my girl holla atcha for a minute.

Hi! I am Kristen from Vessel Handmade.
Wow! It sounds so weird saying that. For the past few years, I have been Kristen from Rock-A-Bow or to many people in the blogging and handmade world, simply Rock-A-Bow. Our blog and shop names so often become a big part of our identity. So this change is huge.
But I am so excited to introduce you all to the new name. The new look. The new me!
Vessel Handmade, although something completely new will still reflect pretty much the same things. You will still find a lot of the same products. I will still post mostly about my family and my faith. The core of who I am is still the same.


What is changing? In addition to the new look, there will be a lot of new products. Lots of styles of leather clutches. And later this year, an expansion in the whole leather product department. There will be a ton of new art accessories. Some cute little girl merchandise. Just fun stuff.

color penbag
You will see some changes on the blog too. More shop updates, more tutorials and more recipes. Good stuff people!
So what do you all think of the new look? The new name? Are you as in love as I am?
If you are, hop on over to the new fan page and like us! There will be more posts happening over there. Maybe even some occasional games where you can win Vessel product.
If you aren’t already a follower here on the blog, I hope you will consider becoming one. There will be so much happening here, I would hate for you to miss it!
Aren’t her new clutches amazing! Make sure to skip on over to her blog and say hello!
she blogs here
has a fab shop here
and Facebook here
You definitely want to stop by her shop and pick up some goodies because right now in celebration of her new launch she is offering
40% off in her shop!!
use discount code
With wedding season, baby boom season and just because you need one season I can’t think of a better gift or a better time to purchase one with that awesome discount she is offering all of you.
So what are you waiting for, go get you one!

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