have you prayed for something but not really sure what you are praying for?
so you just prayed a general prayer about whatever was placed on your heart because you felt led to?
then, when you have been praying for your heart to be prepared for whatever it is God has in store for you and it actually comes to fruition, you kind of feel a little giddy and crazy and then overwhelmed by God’s Goodness.
and you laugh out loud and say God you are so ridiculously awesome!
well that happened to me recently, when I was told about some conference that was to take place and that I should be on the look out for it.
and then it happened
I saw this post and my heart flipped a little lot
I had been praying where God would have me, what he wanted me to share, how much he wanted me to share and where he wanted me to share.
With friends, strangers, women at church or here on this blog? I had no idea, but felt a pull.
a lot of prayers were prayed and was kind of feeling unsettled not knowing what the next “thing” or what the next “step” in my life was when
I’m smacked in the face with this Influence Conference.
hosted by these beautiful souls
Hayley, Jessi and Casey
and will have so many, many fabulous speakers
the paragraph below was the first thing I read about the conference and within an instant knew I would be attending
If you’ve ever wondered how or why the Lord was going to use you in your home, work, community, or online – Influence is a fantastic place to connect and learn. We believe that God has given you influence right where you are, for one purpose: to make much of Him. At Influence we’re going to dig into the common thread of all of us – the Good News. We plan on doing a little teaching, talking, sharing, and celebrating concerning the ways He might want to use you on the individual platforms He’s given.
When Micah came home that night and after the kids were tucked in I shared this with him. There was no persuading, convincing or even details given when he said
“this is definitely for you”
just a week before the announcement of this conference, Micah and I were discussing my upcoming 30th birthday in September and he said that after this past year and all we’ve been through and all I’ve overcome by the Grace of God, that he really wanted to do something special for me
I told him this conference was my “special”
and he agreed
and the minute the tickets went on sale he bought one for me
(I know right, he is so awesome)
And so come Fall I am blessed in knowing I will be surrounded by such beautiful and talented souls all geared and ready to learn how we to be better equipped to bring Glory to God.
Bring. It. On!
#beyondstoked #alittlenervous #needtofindmesomeroomies

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