Celebrating Elsie

baby girl

Elsie is my sweet and simple girl.
She is shy and sensitive and doesn’t like a lot of fuss. Which is part of the reason we  haven’t done birthday parties for her in the past.
She likes what she likes and is probably why she wears the same tutu or princess dress every. single. day. And sticks to the same food groups of apples, peanut butter, fruit snacks or chick-fil-A. (plus a few other staples)
In this past year she has blossomed some more and has ventured out of her comfort zone (a little) and knew we just wanted something very simple and sweet to celebrate her birthday.
So we had planned on Micah taking off work on her special day so we could take her to Disneyland, just her. My mama would stay with Vernon so we could take on Disneyland Big Girl Status and ride the faster rides and stand in line to meet the princesses.
Then last minute (like literally, last minute) once I realized my mom was on spring break I asked Elsie if she wanted to have a small party with some friends. She immediately said no. She just wanted cake with us and my family.
We haven’t really had a party for her except for her first so I just thought maybe we should ask just in case, but her response didn’t surprise me.
I figured as much.
A day had gone by and I heard her talking to Vernon about her tutu tea party she was going to have and who all was invited.
Puzzled by this conversation she was having I asked her again…”do you want a small party sweetie”
She jumped up and down and screamed “YES”
So that was that and we threw something together!
And she loved it!
The past couple days have been so fun celebrating our sweet girl. I was so blessed by my brother and Katie jumping in last minute to decorate and + help out with the party! And for my mama and all that she always does, even when I’m crazy and plan an event with only three days notice!
For all our friends and family who came and celebrated and for all who called, emailed, instagrammed and sent packages. You all have made our Pearl feel more special than I think she has ever felt.
Tonight before bed she said, “Mama, is was so special huh? I love everyone”
I knew she meant her birthday and I knew exactly what she felt.

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