bits in pieces

My thoughts have kind of been all over the place…for some time now. Still settling into the house and letting the realization of Elsie starting preschool in less than a week really sink in. I want to find the words to convey how I’m feeling but am at a loss. I want to share what God’s been teaching, revealing and showing me glimpses of but haven’t found the time or space in my brain to let it all flow out.
Nonetheless, I want to remember the bits and pieces that made this week memorable, because it was a good one indeed.
babyFirst ears. He was so excited. He picked them out and immediately after we had them embroidered he discovered the Peter Pan cap and wanted that instead. Figures.
baby“Away we goooo, off to Neverland” and “I  P’er Pan Mama” was what he yelled every single time he jumped off the couch.
familyThis girl. My Tricia. My sister from another mister (and another mother) Just told me she was pregnant with her first not too long before we snapped this picture. I needed to re-apply all of the makeup I sobbed off from tears of joy. I was a loud hot mess in a very public Panera Bread when she told me. So happy. So very very happy! I’ve been waiting forever for this moment!
Harvest Crusade 2013 rocked. We all went the first night, Micah served while I hung out with the littles. Then last minute on Saturday my family watched the babes so I could go and serve with Micah that evening. It was such a blessing to be part of such a huge crusade and witnessing people go forward to give their hearts to Jesus. Definitely made top ten best date nights ever!
babyTeacher meet and greet at Elsie’s preschool was this week.
Met the teacher, found her cubby, her seat and basically saw where my heart will be this next year.
If not for the other “new” mom that started up a conversation with me I would’ve been a mess of emotion. I could barely look at Micah as I took in this new world that will not only be part of Elsie’s life but my own. Other then holding back the tears and the vomit from all my anxious feelings, it went exceptionally well.
Also, I think Vernon thought it was his class and made himself right at home playing and chatting and even hugging the teacher good bye.
 Love his morning ragamuffin hair and smiley face. I could eat him up.

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